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About Bitcontrol GmbH

Bitcontrol is mainly in the trade of embedded systems engineering. We've worked on products for the aviation, medical and lighting industry and for research facilities. More than 25 years of experience in hard- and software development complemented with some knowledge of physics and mechanical engineering makes a good combination for strength in interdisciplinary engineering.

Bitcontrol currently focuses on STMicroelectronics 32bit ARM Cortex microcontrollers and uses Keil's MDK for embedded software development and Doxygen for its documentation.
PC applications are developed in Eclipse and written in C, C++ or Java. Mobile applications are also developed in Eclipse/Java and target Android powered devices. In this context Javadoc is used for documentation.
We complement our source code with functional tests and unit tests and keep it platform independent as far as possible.
Since software doesn't run on the screen, our engineering services include electronic PCB design and the development of simple mechanical parts, or the integration of such parts. We use AUTODESK's EAGLE or Alibre Design 2018 respectively for these purposes.
git is our data repository, and we follow an iterative development process with hard milestone dates and documented reviews.

About our Partners

When the development or production of complex mechanical or electronic parts is required we collaborate with innovative engineering and production companies in the Z├╝rich - Aargau region.

We are not related with the German company BitCtrl Systems GmbH in Leipzig, which owns the URLs bitcontrol.com and bitcontrol.de.

About the Founder

After twenty-five years of employment, Andreas Isenegger has founded Bitcontrol GmbH in May 2013.

He has worked in the fields of software development for large systems like the Swiss Light Source at the Paul Scherrer Institute, and has on the other end of the scale also written applications for mobile devices like bike and dive computers. He has lead international projects, developer teams and held the position of a group leader for some years.

He's worked with various development processes like the waterfall process, the V-process and the iterative process. He knows UML and software modeling, got fluent in C, C++ and Java, and has used various real-time kernels, operating systems and IDEs.

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