IoT Web Front-End

This article is the first in a series with the name IoT Remote Power Switch – Project Part 1. As indicated in the previous post, I’ll start with the user interface for my Remote Power Switch. The IoT Web Front-End For an interactive web page, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are required. The compound code is […]

IoT – A Starter Project

After some weeks of reflecting the current state of the Internet of Things and its future potential, it’s time for a project that makes use of it. That’s a good way to figure out what’s really involved on the technical side. IoT – A Starter Project is thus the name of this post. Goal I […]

Internet of Things – Part 4

What are the applications? Luckily I don’t have to start this post with the answer to the question above. It’s the most difficult question in the whole domain. I will continue where I stopped in the previous post: at the topic addressing. The addressing of a node (a network device) among 50 billion other nodes […]

Internet of Things – Part 3

Where lies the problem? We can already check our bank account balance and issue payments from everywhere, we can call up weather data, watch webcam images and process our e-mails anywhere. Why should it then be difficult to connect a bike computer or a paper processing machine with the internet? From a technical point of […]

Internet of Things – Part 2

An Example. In the new Internet of Things can machines communicate with other machines. They can actually do this for a long time, but they do it rarely over the Internet. It has the reputation of being insecure and slow, the computing power on the embedded systems being too small for it, the protocols being […]

Internet of Things – Part 1

A Hype? The IoT – Internet of Things: what actually is it? Is it part of the future or is it already reality? What can a user do with it and what does it mean for the technicians? Is it just another hype that is replaced by the next one in half an year, or […]