How Configuration Parameters Can Hurt

Embedded applications often require configuration in some form. A solenoid controller for example might require different minimum and maximum current limits for the different magnet types it controls. A light controller may have different power-on configurations, depending on the customer’s specifications. Such parameters are typically stored in a table somewhere in Flash memory. This table […]

With great interest have I followed the development of the fairly new site It looks fresh, attractive, tidied up. ARM and its currently 26 listed partners seem very serious about wanting to change how embedded software is developed and devices are connected in the future. I fully agree with their statement that it is […]

Reusable Driver APIs

More often than not are my C/C++ applications platform bound. Regardless if the target platform is a 64KiB Flash with 8KiB RAM microcontroller or a PC running Linux or Windows, they can’t easily be ported to a different OS or processor, even if they are similar. This may sound quite natural, considering the fact that […]