Product Development

We develop C/C++ applications for embedded boards with STM32 processors (with or without RTOS) by using the Keil MDK. We know the Raspberry Pi and its ARM processor as well as the Debian based Raspbian Linux and use Eclipse CDT and the GCC Tools for its programming and debugging.

Industrial Software and System Solutions

We have been working for the aviation, medical, sports and lighting industry and for research facilities. Our long lasting experience in hard- and software development complemented with knowledge of physics and mechanical engineering give us a solid basis for interdisciplinary tasks.

Our Fields

Engineering and Products for:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Embedded Systems
  • Medical Devices

Our Goals

Using the latest technologies:

  • Deliver High Quality Components Swiftly
  • Improve User Experience
  • Minimize System Complexity

Our Visions

By applying our experience:

  • Develop Reusable Components
  • Simplify Life Through Technology
  • Keep Switzerland a Technology Location