Smart Magnet Controller

This product is in use at the Swiss Light Source and SOLEIL France and is compatible with the SmarGon 6D Goniometer by SmarAct GmbH, Germany.

Product Summary
The Smart Magnet Controller (SMC) is a sample pin coil driver that reliably detects if a sample pin is mounted or not. It offers a local control interface (buttons and LEDs) on its front panel, as well as standard industrial interfaces for remote operation by beamline control systems on its back panel.

Product Description
The device is used to drive a variable DC current through magnet coils used at molecular crystallography beamlines in X-ray light sources and by the pharma industry. This magnet coil generates a magnetic field that holds a sample pin in place. The pin carries on its tip a frozen macro-molecular crystal.
The major feature of this device is that it detects reliably if a sample pin is mounted to the magnet or not, without using external sensors. This reduces the magnet wiring to a minimum and eliminates the installation of external sample presence sensors.

In 2015 the unit has been developed for the Molecular Crystallography beamlines at the Swiss Light Source in Villigen and is currently in use at all three beamlines. SOLEIL has end of 2016 bought a unit and is using it at the PROXIMA-1 beamline.

Product Features

  • Simplifies wiring and reduces sensor equipment: only two wires are required to drive the magnet and detect if a sample pin is mounted or not
  • Designed for magnets with electrical properties in the region R = 100 ... 300Ohm and L = 200 ... 500mH
  • Automatically compensates thermal effects in the magnets
  • Applies voltages up to 22VDC to the magnets, positive and negative
  • Delivers currents up to 100mADC to the magnets, positive and negative
  • Illuminated push buttons and 3-color LEDs for local operation
  • Standard industrial interfaces for remote operation by beamline control systems:
    • D-Sub connectors to beamline control system, 2-wire Lemo connector to magnet
    • Analog input Magnet Current: -10V ... +10V correspond to -100mA ... +100mA
    • Analog output Magnet Current Indication: -10V ... +10V correspond to -100mA ... +100mA
    • Digital input for sample detection suppression
    • Digital potential free outputs for sample pin indication: unknown/error, mounted, not mounted, suppressed
  • PID controlled magnet current
  • Easy firmware updates through USB interface
  • Special features available on request (H/W and S/W)
  • Rugged aluminium housing
  • Compatible with most beamline control and/or sample changer systems
  • 110VAC/230VAC, 50Hz/60Hz power supply integrated
  • EMI filter integrated
  • CE conform
  • 3 years warranty, including free firmware updates
  • Pricing: 3900Euro/unit, +VAT and shipping costs, discount on 3+ units
Note: This list is incomplete, may contain inaccuracies and errors, and is subject to changes without prior notice.

Smart Magnet Controller 3D front view

Smart Magnet Controller for sample pin holders in molecular crystallography synchrotron beamlines

Front panel of Smart Magnet Controller

Front Panel

Back panel of Smart Magnet Controller

Back Panel

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