Smart Magnet Controller

Smart Magnet Controller 3D front view

Smart Magnet Controller for Hampton CrystalCap Magnetic™ and similar pin holders.

The Molecular Crystallography beamlines at the Swiss Light Source in Villigen are currently using this unit. SOLEIL has also acquired a Smart Magnet Controller and is using it at the PROXIMA-1 beamline.


Product Purpose

Molecular and Protein Crystallography beamlines as well as pharmaceutical labs work with ferromagnetic vial pins that hold the sample on a tiny loop. These pins are loaded onto a goniometer for X-ray scanning. The goniometer's sample holder usually consists of an electromagnet that is switched on and off by the higher-level control system for loading and unloading the sample pin. By integrating the magnet specific functions into the Smart Magnet Controller, the higher-level control system is released from the cumbersome low-level tasks required for controlling the magnet current and detecting whether or not a sample pin is mounted.

Product Summary

  • The Smart Magnet Controller is a unit used for setting and controlling the current through electromagnets that hold the sample pins used at Molecular and Protein Crystallography beamlines in Radiation Light Sources and pharmaceutical research labs.
  • The Smart Magnet Controller thereby detects without additional sensors if a sample pin is mounted or not. This works best by using Hampton CrystalCap Magnetic™ pins, but the unit can be configured by the user to work with other vial pins as well. Additionally it offers several parameters for adopting it easily and quickly to the specific magnets in use.
  • The Smart Magnet Controller compensates temperature changes of the magnet coil as well as long wires between the unit and the magnet.
  • The Smart Magnet Controller's industrial connectors and standardized interface signals foresee smooth integration into virtually any surrounding control system.
  • The Smart Magnet Controller's software can be adapted to individual customer requirements. This is usually not necessary however, since the unit offers flexibility through software parameter configuration. On request, hardware interface changes are possible too, but again, rarely necessary.

Technical Data

  • Easy firmware updates through USB interface
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • 110VAC/230VAC, 50Hz/60Hz power supply with integrated EMI filter
  • Meets standards CE, CSA, UL and FCC
  • 3 years warranty, including free firmware updates
  • Special features available on request (H/W and S/W)


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